Our town has plenty of things to offer to those who choose it for their holiday; a very clean sea, the charming Velvet Beach, the view of the old town with its friendly people, Rocca Roveresca, Foro Annonario and the taste of our regional dishes. The city centre is near the beach; there are not only two of the best Italian restaurants in town, Cedroni’s and Uliassi’s, but there are also many other high quality diners. To spend some time in Senigallia means to smell the tradition, to feel at home, to take a stroll on the seaside promenade or to have a seafood dinner by the sea.

Rotonda a mare

It’s the symbol of Senigallia. It was restored in 2006 according to the original project; shell-shaped, it’s a fascinating point of interest.

Rocca Roveresca

This fortress is joined by a long bridge to Piazza del Duca, which reminds us of the defensive role in past centuries (dating back to Roman times!) The structure, that was never under attack, has also been used as an artillery school, prison, hospital and orphanage.

Foro Annonario

Foro Annonario is a circular piazza with clay rooftiles and brickwork columns supporting the arcade. Designed by architect Pietro Ghinelli in 1834 Here there is the city market. In summer it is the charming location for concerts and events.

Portici Ercolani Arcades

Built to welcome those merchants who came here for the famous city fair. They run along the right bank of the Misa River.

Piazza Roma

There is the Town Hall and the Fountain of Neptune.

Del Duca Palace

Designed in the XVI century by Girolamo and Bartolomeo Genga, it has a magnificent lacunar ceiling inside.

Palazzetto di Baviera

Built by Giovanni Giacomo Baviera, an Italian nobleman. It dates back to the XIV century and it is famous for Federico Brandani’s stucco works.

Church of the Holy Cross

It is a baroque Church, inside you can admire La Deposizione, a famous painting by Federico Barocci.


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